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Planning for Nonprofits

Planning, Budgeting, Cost Allocation and Reporting Solution for your Nonprofit Organization

What is Planning for Nonprofits?

Planning for Nonprofits is an intuitive, entirely customizable solution that fits your needs. Planning for Nonprofits enables better control and improvement of your workflows across the organization. Based on IBM Planning Analytics platform, it makes your planning, budgeting and reporting much easier and faster.

What is Planning for Nonprofits?
How Can You Tell if Your Organization Needs Planning for Nonprofits?

How Can You Tell if Your Organization Needs Planning for Nonprofits?

  • Your Nonprofits is present on multiple locations
  • It has many different teams and projects
  • There are different sources of funding

If all or any of the above is true, it is highly likely that our solution can help you save a lot of time and money and empower you to increase the impact of your organization.

What Does Planning for Nonprofits Bring to Your Organization?

It Improves Relations with Your Partners and Donors

You will be able to produce more accurate and more detailed reports in less time. The reports can also be drafted ad-hoc, and can be adjusted to meet particular demands and policies for each partner and stakeholder.

It Saves You Time and Money

Automation speeds up all processes and enables real-time collaboration. It increases accuracy while decreasing errors, making it easy to optimize and organize your work.

It Enables You to Make Better and Faster Decisions

Your decision-making process is improved by having better analysis based on more accurate data. Our solution helps you spot potential funding gaps, predict the effect of any given change and adjust your cost allocation accordingly. Ultimately, it can directly increase the impact on your primary mission.

It Makes Your Team Happier

Less spreadsheets – less frustration. Your team will be supported to give their best, by not having them do manual entries, tracking changes and similar frustrating work prone to human errors.

If you want to learn more about our solution, please visit our resources page for more content

What Does Planning for Nonprofits Do?

Planning and Budgeting

Planning and Budgeting

Our solution is a fast and flexible solution, completely adaptable to any organizational structure and business rules or needs you might have.

It enables you to set up your goals, track KPI’s, plan cash flow and manage operational budgets for a deeper understanding of the numbers that drives your business. The solution is customizable for any type of resource planning and management.

Integrates and Aligns Your System

Integrates and Aligns Your System

It allows you to create and store your grant and project information, plans, budgets and forecasts on a granular level, in one central repository where data from different sources such as ERP, HRM or even flat files can also be integrated.

Forecast Analysis and What-If Scenarios

Forecast Analysis and What-If Scenarios

You can run and test what-if scenarios thanks to automation, AI forecast algorithm and interconnectedness. This provides you additional insights that can help you adjust your actions and decisions if needed.

Better and Easier Donor Reporting

Better and Easier Donor Reporting

Your reports are more accurate and detailed, you can generate them faster and adapt them to different needs. Ad hoc reports and dashboards provide better or targeted overview when needed.

Reduces Funding Gaps

Identifies Funding Gaps

Regular analysis helps avoid funding gaps and control your spending, while automatized cost allocation helps you adapt quickly and smoothly.

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

Your entire organization works with identical data, all the time. It prevents mistakes, misinformation and enables flawless, in-sync operations.

Empower your organization to make more impact

Success Story

This solution has allowed our organization a much more agile and better-informed approach in the organization’s financial management.

Associate Director of an international not-for-profit organization

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Success Story

The revenue and cost management solution has enabled us to quickly access and analyze financial data for the entire organization. The data is available on the individual project level, as well as on the department levels, it can be reviewed in any desired time dimension and has multiple budgeting scenario options.

All of this enables the organization to anticipate future trends and to detect and track any potential funding gaps or spending peaks and valleys. The solution has allowed for correct analyses to be ready in a matter of minutes, whereas in the past some of it would have taken days with the added risk of a miscalculation due to human error, while other analyses were simply impossible to do manually, because of the complex nature of the information.

The new solution has allowed a more agile and better-informed approach in the organization’s financial management.

Associate Director of an international not-for-profit organization

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